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National Infection Prevention and Control Manual

National Infection Prevention and Control Manual

Childrens pack

The Children's Pack is full of ideas and materials to encourage children to make hand washing part of their everyday routine and is designed specifically for use by children between the ages of three and six.

handy andy imageTeachers card

Some ideas to help make hand washing part of the school day.


Posters featuring a cartoon character called Handy to encourage regular hand washing and should be placed where appropriate in primary schools and nurseries.

Reward chart

The chart can be filled out when children wash their hands and can be photocopied or downloaded and given out to pupils each week.

Handy Stickers

These could be given out at the end of each week to reward children for washing their hands.

The diameter of the stickers is 3cm and we would recommend printing them on PC4 labels which have diameter of 3.25cm, to ensure stickers are printed correctly. It may be possible to print to other sticker formats such as address labels but we cannot guarantee with the download that these will match up exactly


This cartoon animation helps to explain why, when and how hands should be washed. It lasts for around 5 minutes. There is also a version available in Gaelic.