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National Infection Prevention and Control Manual

National Infection Prevention and Control Manual


New literature review Hand Hygiene: Hand washing, hand rubbing and indications for hand hygiene.

23 Jul 2020

Three reviews (Hand washing V2.0 2016, Indications for Hand Hygiene V2.0 2016, and Use of Alcohol Based Hand Rub V2.0 2016) were amalgamated into one review using the two-person NIPCM methodology.

New recommendations were added in for:

  • When should hand hygiene be performed?

  • How should hands be dried after hand washing?

  • What is the evidence regarding the wearing of jewellery in relation to hand hygiene, including Jewellery worn for religious reasons?

  • What are the requirements for sink design, provision and types of tap for clinical hand wash?

  • Is the use of alcohol based hand rubs suitable for individuals who abstain from alcohol for religious reasons?