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National Infection Prevention and Control Manual

National Infection Prevention and Control Manual

Appendix 11 - Optimal Patient Placement and Respiratory Protective Equipment for Infectious agents

The following table outlines:

1. Main route of transmission for a number of infectious agents/diseases;

2. Optimal patient placement whilst the patient is considered infectious; and

3. The appropriate RPE to minimise risk of infection to staff, patients and visitors. Clinical decisions made by staff regarding use/non-use of RPE will depend on a risk assessment which should include e.g. the risk of infection acquisition and the severity of the illness caused.

The clinical judgement and expertise of the Infection Prevention and Control Team or the Health Protection Team should be sought for novel, unusual or an increase in cases of known or suspected infectious agents in any care setting.


This poster can be used in conjunction with the A-Z of pathogens for pathogen specific guidance and supporting materials.